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Selling a property?

Presenting your property to prospective buyers can be a daunting task. Preparing and keeping your property clean and presentable can be difficult, time consuming and draining.  With Orpheus property Services you can enhance the presentation of your property and maximize its appeal to buyers and therefore its market value.  Whether you are presenting a family home a penthouse apartment or a large commercial premise our cleaning, maintenance and styling services will takes the stress and worry away, leaving your property looking fantastic. Our preparation service truly is a “one stop shop” and pays special attention to all areas in order to create a lasting impression.

Whatever your needs are, big or small we can assist with a wide range of services:

  • Complete detail cleaning of the interior and exterior of your property in preparation for photography
  • House Washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Painting
  • Gardening and Landscaping
  • Hard surface cleaning such as driveways and paths
  • Rubbish removal
  • Cleaning management of your property during marketing and auction campaign
  • Furniture styling
  • Settlement cleaning in preparation of new occupants

Frequently asked Questions

What is the process for preparing a property for sale, where do we start?

We visit your property and discuss your needs and thoughts, we then provide you with some advice on our range of services and outline what can be achieved based on our experience in preparing properties for sale.  It is at this point we also discuss cleaning during the sales campaign, and a post auction clean which we refer to as a settlement clean. Based on this information we then prepare a quote and submit to you for approval, once you have decided and confirmed the services you would like to engage we then book the works in for you.

What services do most people undertake when selling a property?

This really depends on the property and condition, but also the home owners standards. Generally most owners will engage us to do a standard service which would consist of an external wash of the property including pathways, a complete internal clean, steam clean of the carpets, windows cleaned inside and out, gardening and furniture placement. However in saying that we can do as little or as much as you like or is needed.

How long does the process take?

This is dependant on the services you are engaging us to do and the size of the property. It can be as little as a few hours through to a couple of weeks, especially if you need painting, maintenance or gardening.

Is washing my home going to make an improvement?

If you have a weatherboard home, we can generally make a significant improvement by washing down the exterior of your home, in many cases the property looks as though it has been re-painted. The same applies to hard surfaces such as pathways and driveways. For more information on this please refer to our house washing page.

Can you come through prior to each open for inspection and do some cleaning?

Of course, we often recommend sending through a couple of cleaners to help keep the property looking immaculate during the sales campaign. In fact if you have engaged our services to do the initial clean to prepare for sale, you automatically receive a 10% discount on our weekly cleaning. Generally most opens are on Thursdays and Saturdays so we can either come in the day before to do a clean, or possibly early on the morning of the open.

Can you help with our furniture removal once the property has sold?

No problem, we can organise a truck and a couple of strapping young lads to assist with moving your furniture to your new home or storage.

Can you help with removing the rubbish left over from the move?

Moving house is the perfect time to have that big clean out you have been meaning to do. Simply put everything aside that is rubbish and we will organise to remove it for you. If you have items that are still in excellent condition that you wish to donate, create a second pile and when we come through we will collect and donate these items for you.

Once the sale has gone through and we have moved everything out, can you come and do a final clean?

We refer to this as a settlement clean which means we come through the property once it has been emptied, and just prior to settlement. We clean the home ready for the new owners, generally this type of clean can be as simple as cleaning the internals of the cupboards, through to a thorough clean of the property. You may also want the windows cleaned again or the carpets steam cleaned.

For more information or to make a booking please contact us on 1300 224 448 Alternatively click here to access our booking and quoting page.


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